• Three sections containing individual lectures covering  Planning, Writing and Delivering a speech.
  • Full written summaries of each lecture can be downloaded.
  • All the tools and resources you need are also available for download.
  • You can go back and forth to revise lectures at any time.
  • Short quizzes help you revise.
  • A certificate of completion is presented to you at the end.
  • Complete the course in your own time.  Take as long as you need.
  • A$100.

Watch a sample

Have you ever had to write a speech for someone, like your boss or a colleague? Have you ever had to give a speech yourself and spent ages staring at a blank piece of paper, unsure where to start?

If so, here's some good news.

Whether you are in India, the US, Britain or anywhere in the world, Writing Successful Speeches is an excellent online course in writing great speeches that get results. 

​Short videos, speech templates and written materials are provided to help the speech writer develop a persuasive and memorable speech for themselves or someone else.

You will be asked to create a free account with user name and password.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Learn how to format a speech and make it user-friendly for the speaker.
  • Gain confidence in your speech writing and handling the speech venue.
  • Write successful speeches like a professional for yourself or someone else that will engage and motivate audiences.
  • Discover how to plan out a speech, considering the situation, the objectives and the audience.
  • Develop writing skills for the spoken word rather than the written word.

Writing Successful Speeches

You will be asked to create a free user account.

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