• This program is currently available as an online coaching series.
  • Participants meet with their coach online for two or three sessions, each lasting an hour or so, and record a series of practice presentations.
  • All the tools and resources you need are also provided.
  • The flexible format means you can schedule your sessions for maximum convenience.
  • US$1,000

Contact us to arrange for a prospectus document to be emailed to you or to talk about your specific requirements.

Powerful Presentations is for people who want to be better at public speaking.   ​With practice and preparation you will quickly learn to be persuasive, entertaining and enthusiastic.

Now available as a personalised online course, this presentation skills training program gives you the public speaking tips and communication skills you need to reach an audience and deliver positive messages. 

Powerful Presentations

​​​Self-paced, online courses in communication skills

Unlike other presentation skills training, with Powerful Presentations you will have your own dedicated coach accompanying you to improved communication skills as a public speaker.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Appreciate right mental attitude, necessary to delivering a powerful presentation.
  • Frame a presentation to get the message across in a persuasive and engaging way.
  • Maintain the audience's attention and get it back if necessary.
  • Manage nervousness and turn butterflies into eagles.
  • Use presentation aids like PowerPoint, video etc in ways that entertain and engage the audience.
  • Manage and overcome objections raised during aggressive Question & Answer sessions.
  • Gain confidence in delivering powerful presentations.