The media can be a valuable channel through which to reach a large audience quickly and persuasively.  With the right skills, you can use these opportunities to enhance or protect your reputation. 

An organisation that doesn’t know how to deliver its message to fit the media-imposed frame won’t be heard.

Now available as a personalised online course, Mastering Media Interviews delivers skills and practice in making the most of valuable media opportunities. 

Unlike other media courses, Mastering Media Interviews gives you
a dedicated coach of your own to hep you develop the skills you
​need to go a great job as a media spokesperson.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Be better informed about what makes news and the online environment.
  • Have an understanding of journalists’ requirements and therefore understand how to identify good news stories within their own organisation.
  • Be able to identify a news angle and prepare a usable message – and get it used on air, in print or online.
  • Have a plan for identifying and preparing responses to tough questions. 

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Mastering Media Interviews

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​​​Self-paced, online courses in communication skills


  • This program is currently available as an online coaching series.
  • Participants meet with their coach online for two or three sessions, each lasting an hour or so, and record a series of practice interviews.
  • All the tools and resources you need are also provided.
  • You will receive a free copy of the book 'Mastering Media Interviews in the 21st Century.
  • The flexible format means you can schedule your sessions for maximum convenience.
  • A$100

Contact us to arrange for a prospectus document to be emailed to you or to talk about your specific requirements.