​​​Self-paced, online courses in communication skills

Communicating in Crisis

In a world obsessed with brands and image, it is dangerous to forget about corporate reputation.  Each organisation is surrounded by stakeholders who have some area of interest in its activities; an individual browsing a supermarket shelf, a doctor considering prescribing a pharmaceutical product or a community examining plans for a new factory in the neighbourhood – stakeholders will be more influenced by the way a company conducts itself than by any glossy advertisement. This is particularly true in times of crisis.

​​Learning Outcomes:

  • Understand the difference between an issue and a crisis
  • Appreciate best practice in crisis communication
  • Prepare a crisis communication plan
  • Develop a crisis communication team
  • Manage stakeholders and information
  • Understand each person's job in a crisis
  • Managing messages and the media.

Handling an issue or crisis is all about effective communication skills.  It can be management’s biggest challenge.  It can represent significant risk to a company’s reputation, impact upon daily operations, traumatise staff, adversely affect customers, and damage short and long-term financial performance.

Likewise, many issues test the capability of management on a day-to-day basis; staff morale problems, information leaks, legal challenges, deteriorating customer confidence, rumour and speculation in the media are among the more vexing challenges facing management today.

There is no escaping the fact that in the 21st Century, the public will demand to know what is happening in a crisis and how management is coping. Companies can either try to deny this and suffer the consequences or responsibly manage the situation.

Communicating in Crisis is a personalised online coaching course providing the processes and principles for effective communication in a crisis.  Online classes are scheduled to fit in with your busy workload.


  • This program is currently available as an online coaching series for individuals or groups.
  • Participants meet with their coach online for two or three sessions, each lasting an hour or so.
  • All the tools and resources you need are also provided, including:
    • Templates to apply to your own organisation to assess it for risk exposure.
    • A diagnostic tool to identify key stakeholders.
    • A plan for identifying and recruiting suitable members of a crisis communication team.
    • A template for a crisis communication protocol for their own organisation including contact databases, first advice procedures, monitoring, reporting and evidence/evaluation.
  • The flexible format means you can schedule your sessions for maximum convenience.
  • US$1,000

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